Weed Monster Jigs

Welcome to Weed Monster Jigs – The World’s Most Effective Weedless Jig!

Big Bass live in the thick stuff. They go there to get out of the sun, avoid predators and ambush their prey. If you want to catch those hogs in their jungle-like lair, you’ll need a jig that can punch through that heavy cover, yet slip back out without becoming hung up in the weeds or sticks.

Weed Monster Jigs are a generation beyond the standard weedless jig. Today’s jigs use a stiff weed guard in an attempt to be weedless. However, the weed guard itself  often hangs up in the cover. If they make it too stiff, missed hook ups on fish become an issue. You’ll start losing fish faster than you’ll lose the weeds! With Weed Monster’s intrinsically weedless design and free-floating hook, not only will it glide through the heaviest cover with ease, it also has more bass enticing action than any other jig on the market. Plus, our design never sacrifices a solid hook-up with the fish.

More weedless, more snag-proof, more action, step up to the undisputed best in bass fishing jigs, Weed Monster Jigs.