About Weed Monster Jigs

weed monster

We are avid bass fisherman. Being extremely versatile, the jig is one of our go to lures. However, the existing jigs on the market often came up short in important ways. We made it better!

We’ve all attempted to fish the slop effectively. The monster bass are in there. Sometimes they will come to the surface for a frog. Boy, that is some fun! But sometimes they completely ignore a bait on the surface, no matter the color or the noises it makes. At other times you can coax a big bass out of the weeds by casting a jig along the weed edges. It catches a lot of fish, but we all know there are many  more big hogs in that thick, impenetrable fortress of weeds that just won’t come out. So we try to get deeper in the slop, tossing a big heavy jig right into the cover. We can occasionally  catch the bass hiding in there, but more often than not, that jig just hauls out huge clumps of green vegetation, despite the weed guard.

This is why we developed a better bass jig. You can cast it into the thickest cover and it slides through with ease. It finds the lunker bass in his home and yanks him out by the lips. Don’t settle for ineffective jig technology from last century; find success with the ultimate in weedless jig technology. Weed Monster Jigs!