Why Weed Monster Jigs Are Better


Weed Monster Jigs are the evolution of the weedless bass jig. The secret is simple: our free-floating wide gap worm hook can be rigged Texas-Style, eliminating the need for a stiff weed guard that often hooks up in the weeds itself. Also, with the hook not stuck in a fixed position, it can move up and down freely, imparting an incredibly active motion to your trailer while our silicone skirts (never deteriorate like rubber does) have a life-like motion of their own. The jig head is specifically shaped to slide through weeds with ease and up and over branches without getting snagged. This allows you to fish in the thickest, sloppiest cover and also create an active, undulating presentation irresistible to the bass. Once you get that strike, there is no weed guard to interfere with the hook set, and you will get incredible deep, secure penetration from our incredibly sharp high carbon steel hooks. Don’t lose another fish to an inferior jig, use the best in the business! Weed Monster Jigs.





Gabe and a Bass